Moisture Meter Reviews

MMC205 User Reviews

Does the Best Job without Breaking the Bank

Bob Feeser from Springfield, PA prefers using the MMC205 because it measures moisture content 3/4 of an inch into the wood. He found that surface moisture that varies with humidity in the air is never a factor and doesn’t play havoc with the unit. He also found the booklet included with the MMC205, listing different wood types, to be extremely convenient because it eliminated the hassle of calculating for different wood species. He stated that if he was in the market for another wood moisture meter, he would buy this one all over again!

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Compact Unit Provides Concise & Accurate Readings

Alfred C. from Concord, MI claims the Wagner MMC205 has come in handy by helping him back up his argument with pricing on supposedly kiln-dried lumber. It’s much easier to negotiate price and prevent price gouging when you have the evidence in the palm of your hand. He finds this unit complements wood shops and serious professionals.

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Helps Prevent Flooring Disasters

R. Saylor from Oregon blindly trusted his lumber provider to supply him with accurate moisture content measurements…until the wood flooring he purchased and installed shrunk by as much as 1/8 of an inch! Now he depends on his MMC205 to provide him with quick and accurate information before he picks up his lumber. Now he feels more confident that he is a better judge of wood materials.

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Should Be a Must for Every Woodworker

Elliot Gesang thinks the Wagner MMC205 is a handy and accurate moisture meter that should be a must for every woodworker. His meter helps him determine when his wood is down to his desired moisture range between 6-7%.

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Unit Is Older but Still Accurate after All these Years

KT still finds his older unit accurate and dependable after owning it for a few years, and highly recommends this unit to other woodworkers.

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MMC210 User Reviews

User-Friendly Unit Adjusts to Different Species Easily
Stewart Michelon from Medford, OR was impressed with the unit’s packaging and user-friendly interface that makes adjusting for different species easy.
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Accurate and Easy to Use
F. Smith from Nashville, TN finds his meter accurate and easy to use when he routinely checks moisture content on an average of 15 different species.
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